Kudos & Comments

Thank you for all your kind words -
It makes it all worthwhile...

  • It was a nice and relaxing weekend.  Met a lot of cool women.  Definitely a weekend to remember.  Dyanna W  1-19
  • I always look forward to this.  Never disappointed.  Never.  Sherri C  11-19
  • As always, an awesome time!  You are amazing and do such a great job.  Mary M 
  • These weekends are always such a pleasure.  You make Renee and I feel so welcome.  You rock Lady!  Chris S  11-19
  •  Everything was terrific!  Can't wait to see you again.  Great group of exceptional ladies   Syndi B  11-19
  • I had so much fun.  I loved the painting and the paraffin wax.  It made my hands so soft.  It was all super fun and I also made new friends - Danielle M  11-19
  • This was so so fun  Best weekend i have had in a long time. You are doing great! Thank you!  Lisa J 2/19
  • Thank you for the opportunity to try my hand at painting and learning how to make jewelry.  Denise K 9/18
  • Thank you for making my mom and I's first get-away successful. Judi Y  9/18
  • I loved the stuff you gave us in our night-time kit.  Joy 9/18
  • I so look forward t these events.  Just fun and well worth it to see all again and make new friends.  Sherri C  9/18
  • More than I anticipated,  Very enjoyable.  I hope to come again.  Lorraine R  9/18
  • Loved the food table.  Saved a lot of time and money .  Susan C 9/18
  • I had no idea what to expect.  (first retreat)  I had fun.  I will be doing this again next time.  Barb F 2/18
  • Fantastic weekend away!  Lots of variety in events and it just seemed to fly by...  Thank you!  Vicki   2/18
  • This was amazing - I had a wonderful time.  Great people.  Great venue.  A+  Joann   2/18

  •  "Hi Danita, I had a really nice time at the retreat. I had fun with my friends, won some lovely prizes, got a super chair massage AND finished a whole vacation album!! Whew! Your vendors were great. Very courteous. Your raffles are great. Heck, I was happy to win stickers! I'm not usually that lucky when it comes to raffles. You gave away a lot in my opinion. I enjoyed all your offers. And the prices were right. Overall, I'd say it was very successful! Thanks again." Dawn G

  • "I love the Harbor Shores in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, the kitchenette is especially helpful for meals as we want to stick around close to the scrapping. I also like the fact we are in the town so that when I do want to step out - everything is handy within walking distance. I also like the great scrapbook supplies in the store and the fact that you give an overview of what is available. I especially like the deals that you are able to pass on to us. Our table really like the "Trash to Treasure" table. That was cool."  Teresa H 

    • "Danita, We had a great time and the space was perfect!! I'll see if I can round up a friend or two for the next event. Thanks Danita."  Patti P  
    • "Danita, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My experience was absolutely fabulous beyond words.  I can't thank you enough for accommodating my requests.  I am blessed to be here and will be joining you again soon".  Christine Z
    • "Danita. thank you for the hard work you did to make this event happen.. We has SO much space! Can't wait to see you again in May. My scrapbooks are really coming together thanks to the opportunities you provide - My kids thank you."  Casey M 

  • "You are wonderful and I always enjoy your retreats- We will come every spring."  Terri J 
  • "Wow - This was the first time we ever attended one of your events and we're so glad we found you.  How can you do all this and charge so little?  Expect to see us again and again." Sylvia N
  • "Thank you for having me at your retreat. I enjoyed meeting everyone and being a part of a well-run, service oriented event. "  Heidi O of Essential Body Wear

    • "Danita, We had an absolute BLAST this weekend! This was my first get-away weekend and it definitely won't be my last! It was so nice to re-connect with friends and get something accomplished as well!!"   Julie Z 

    Women's get away retreats in lake geneva are affordable and fun for scrapbookers

    • "I just wanted to tell you that I had an absolutely wonderful weekend at your retreat. The Harbor Shores was great, clean rooms, breakfast hit the spot and you are a perfect hostess. Keep sending information on your weekends and anything else you offer. We'll be back." Barb D 

    Women's get away retreats in lake geneva are affordable and fun for scrapbooks

    • "Danita, I just wanted to let you know the retreat was fabulous! I had so much fun, everything was set up great, I loved being able to look at the products... I can't say enough good things!! Everyone participating was so friendly, I love your idea of the Trash to Treasure table. I got rid of some things I knew I'd never use again and picked up some things I would use. " Diane N  

    Women's get away retreats in lake geneva are affordable and fun for scrapbooks
    • "I thought the weekend was a raging success!! I enjoyed the people I sat with and had the privilege of sitting next to the appointed "Queen" and really cannot say enough about how delightful and fun she was. I can't wait for the next one!! "  Wendy H