Friday, April 17, 2020

Stay well and look forward to an incredible and inexpensive get-away to Lake Geneva in November!

I've extended the early bird rate to accommodate my friends and clients that have lost their jobs or taken a pay cut because of covid.  So above all - I pray that you all are staying safe and this terrible virus has not touched you personally.  My heart breaks daily when I think about the people we have lost and the terrible circumstances that many are facing.  I have found myself having many more intimate conversations with God than usual.  It has been a comfort. 

SO.... Click here to see what the November retreat is about and/ or to register.  I expect that by November all will be well and if the craziness has not passed and we are still on quarantine, your money will be refunded.  So...  register now with the extended early bird rate and believe that "this too shall pass" and our lives will find a new normal. 

Blessings and peace to you and loved ones. 

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