Thursday, November 21, 2019

thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all  the incredible ladies that attended my event last weekend.I was so happy so see all the friends enjoying their time together and I really enjoyed seeing new friendships form -  right in front of my eyes.  I truly believe that we, as women, need each other for love, support and encouragement and the event was abounding with that.  I was so thrilled.  I enjoyed seeing my old friends come back and i loved meeting the new ladies that have never been before.  We all have a story.  A past. Issues we are dealing with and being among others that care to take the time to talk to us seems to lighten our hearts.  I heard so many wonderful comments from the hotel staff, other participants and even the participants of other events when they found the beautiful encouraging words on those papers that some ladies handed out and left literally everywhere,  Some were even found in town.  OMG -  You guys rock.  You never know when your kind words either on paper or in person will have an impact on someone.  You just might be what that person needed that day.  I know we dont think we have power like that - but we truly do.  Thank you.   I hope you enjoyed yourself and hope you come back sometime.  Respectfully and with love.  Danita

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