Monday, December 11, 2017

Special event for you at the February Retreat - and at no extra charge!!

At the February event, I'll have a special treat for you!  I'm going to be having a very special speaker presenting a topic that hits a homerun for many of us...  

“Getting Out Of Your Own Way”  
  How to stop sabotaging yourself and
start moving forward in achieving your life goals.
Teri Healy is a dynamic transformational speaker and coach.  She leads workshops and lectures to audiences in all socio-economic tiers including, but not limited to: battered women’s shelters, not-for-profit organizations and major corporations.  Teri has a history that defies the odds of human survival; yet, despite all, she never lost her strength and determination for personal achievement and is driven to help others create extraordinary lives. 

Teri is a beautiful woman and better yet -  My friend!  

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