Thursday, January 12, 2017

February Get-Away Registration is Underway!!

The time is here to register for the February 24 weekend in Lake Geneva.  You will have 10sf of table space to use how you like so bring your craft supplies, a project you have been putting off, or even some games to play with friends.  I would say to bring your laptop so you can catch up on work but who wants to do that??  (Yes, there will be electricity available for those who simply can't escape the demands of work) 
If you can grab a couple of girlfriends...  You can take advantage of my...  register 2 get 1FREE anniversary special!  What else is there to do in February??  You'll really love this time away sharing the ballroom with lots of other women, sitting the hot tub while your cares bubble away, or escaping to your room for a nightcap while sitting in front of your beautiful "fireplace".  You can paint a picture (no experience needed) or take a photo class.  You can go for a massage or pedicure or even get an in house bra fitting where my expert comes to us!  You will relax and laugh with many other women as we all appreciate our 3-day escape from the world's woes. 
I hope to see you in February.  Click on the registration link on any of my pages to get your spot reserved while it is still at a discounted rate!!!


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