Monday, December 26, 2016

Register for your February Retreat with an earlybird discount!!

You have just a few days to register for the get-away in Lake Geneva Dec 9 weekend! 
The cost is $130 but if you register with 2 newbies you can come for FREE!! 
We offer table space so you can bring a craft, a home project, work on your Christmas cards or bring a couple bottles of wine and some games to play with friends!  No matter what you do -  Its a fun and inexpensive weekend away! 
The mini suites are only $84 a night for both nights and if you slip that with a couple friends!!  OMG!  How can you not go???? 
There is so much to do in the lovely town of Lake Geneva and many great stores to shop at!!  Great food is to be had all over as well. 
SO...  Grab a couple friends and escape into a relaxing world before the Holiday craziness starts!! 

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